Therapy & Consulting

Alina Yudina 

Applied psychologist, lecturer, Department of Innovative Technologies in Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work, Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro, Ukraine), specialist of children psychology. She specializes in cognitive psychology and works with techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Kateryna Bondar

One of the leading family therapists of Dnipro region as well as an art therapy books author, dynamic lecturer and frequent talk-show guest. In addition to her private practice, she has served as an art therapist, instructor, and consultant for many activities for refugees. She co-authored books “Practice of inclusive education” and “Art therapy for elderlies”. 

Inna Znanetska

Applied psychologist of the highest category, Gestalt therapist, Gestalt consultant, trainer in teaching programs on psychological consulting. She specializes in correction work with children of early age and inclusive children of early school age.