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Workshop can be conducted individually or in small groups with certificates for 6 hours / 0,2 ECTS. Goal of this method is to actualize hidden resources of subconscious for solving a problematic situation. Symbol of butterfly is so contradictory and multifaceted that it can be used as a universal screen for projection of feminine both in females and in males. Besides obvious meaning of transformation “butterfly” includes many other symbolic meanings which differ from one culture to another. Symbol of “butterfly” is connected to one of the most ancient images of Palaeolithic age – Great Goddess personifying life and death, sky and earth simultaneously.

Take even number (4, 6, 8) of small rectangular sheets of paper which you will need to connect in the end of exercise. Every day draw your emotions, feelings and states on a sheet of paper by lines using colour pencils. Preferably avoid images of symbols or minimize them and draw symbols only when they are very important. Fullness of sheets by lines, their colours and diversity is on your preference. It is better to finish drawings in the evening and avoid returning to it next days. The last day connect all sheets by transparent scotch from the side without drawings to make one sheet of paper out of eight.

What emotions does this connected collage raise in you? What emotions prevail? Would you like to change spectrum of these emotions? What were the reasons for those emotions during those days?

Workshop is conducted in groups with certificates. Art-development can be implemented through including online galleries in problematic discussions. In such cases online galleries serve as screens for projection of meanings associated with particular topics.  For example, an online gallery “Art for non-discriminative values in education” can be a tool empowering people with deep understanding of current processes in citizenship education.

Model of art-development includes actualization, development and realization of personal potential by means of creativity. Subconscious of an adult person often contains a solution of most everyday life problems but access to these solutions is blocked by censorship of conscious, psychological defenses. Visual metaphor enables to become aware of resources hidden in deep subconscious. When creating a visual metaphor, we become aware of personal senses and shift focus of attention from common to some new, we see plurality of possible choices, feel oneself as a creator of life, rise resources, actualize potential. Development of potential includes both conscious and subconscious processes. On the stage of realization of potential, we implement resources which we have taken from subconscious, analyzed strategies of their implementation and possible consequences (Bondarevskaya, 2021).