World changes quickly, migration increases, new fields of work emerge – people require new methods for personal and social transformations.

Political and economic self-constitution latest edition video

“We united our professional experience and skills to share resources with you.”

Center for Personal and Social Transformations (CPST) was registered on 28th May, 2020 as NGO (non-governmental organization) in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Center for Personal and Social Transformations is an institutional member of Children`s Identity and Citizenship European Association since June 2022.

The main objective of Center for Personal and Social Transformations activity is to support psychological well-being of citizens in periods of social, political and economic uncertainty by means of cyberspace.

Another important direction of CPST work is organization of conferences and seminars on topics related to citizenship education. Due to mass internal and external displacement migration became an important topic in citizenship education in Ukraine and around the world. 

CPST members actively participate in international projects on psychological support and citizenship education.

Founders / Board

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Citizenship education and development (by Irina Bondarevskaya)

Promotion of development is a basic task of educators which concerns not only definite people but also communities and societies in which educators work. Citizenship education both formal and informal gives space for development…

Citizenship identity (by Despina Karakatsani and Irina Bondarevskaya)

The focus of the 5th edition of Political and Economic Self-Constitution seminar was on citizenship identity and education as we see the topic to be of great importance in the changing world. Social, political, economic reasons …

The future passes through the media (by Alessandro De Carlo)

Since its beginnings, the Political and Economic Self-Constitution seminar dealt with very relevant topics for modern society. Starting in Ukraine and moving across Europe, the numerous editions of the Seminar are a testimony of how the attention to differences …

CPST co-organizes international and national meetings of scientists and practitioners both face-to-face and online.

Online format of communication enables more participants to get involved especially those whose ability for travelling is limited due to health or socio-economic reasons. At the same time face-to-face meetings keep necessary emotional impulse for emergence of ideas. Such combination of online and face-to-face formats is substantiated in adult education. Development of online format includes YouTube channel and communication in Facebook group. PhD students from different countries have opportunity to discuss their research with scientists internationally as well as catch ideas from practitioners.

Annual international seminar “Political and economic self-constitution” was founded in 2013 by Irina Bondarevska, Alessandro De Carlo and Eugen Iordanescu. PESC became a platform for scientific discussions on topics related to citizenship education among scientists and educators internationally. Art-PESC is a new direction aimed at involving contemporary art in citizenship education.


Starting from 2023 PESC seminars were transformed into PESC conferences.

Video recordings of 2019 – 2023 editions of Political and Economic Self-Constitution seminars and conferences on YouTube channel of Center for Personal and Social Transformations

Political and Economic Self-Constitution seminar took place in leading universities and research centers in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (2013), Sibiu, Romania (2014), Chisinau, Moldova (2015),
Kyiv, Ukraine (2016), Corinth, Greece (2017), Olsztyn, Poland (2018), Padua, Italy (2019),
Belgrade, Serbia and online (2020), Florianopolis, Brazil and online (2021),
Jakarta, Indonesia and online (2022).
PESC conferences take place in Corinth,
Greece and online (2023, 2024).
Researchers from scientific and educational organizations from 15 countries (Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Brazil, Indonesia, Moldova, Lithuania, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mexico, Turkey) joined their efforts to create a mutual intellectual resource which contains contemporary theoretical and empirical research results.

“Political and economic self-constitution” international conference co-organizers from 15 countries:

Researchers and PhD students, psychologists, sociologists, economists, political scientists, historians are invited to discuss the following topics:

  1. Migration and integration of migrants;
  2. Inequalities and discrimination: the role of state and non-state actors;
  3. Role of state, stakeholders and civil society in migration processes;
  4. Role of history and culture in migration and integration;
  5. Psychological support of individuals and groups in crisis;
  6. Psychological well-being and crisis resilience in contemporary world;
  7. Citizenship education and migration;
  8. Global citizenship, national identity and education;
  9. Public opinion on political and economic issues in conditions of overlapping crises;
  10. Psycho-economic aspects of organizational activities and positive organizational behaviour in crisis economy;
  11. Gender facets of discrimination and inequalities;
  12. Preconditions and consequences of the wars in Ukraine, Palestine and Israel.

More information on the conference website.


Art-PESC project invites artists, film-makers, photographers and other representatives of creative professions to participate in discussions on societally important issues both in person and by posting images and videos of their pieces of art on CPST website with author`s societally important message.

Teaching method with implementation of online galleries of contemporary art was developed and implemented by Irina Bondarevskaya (2021) to mediate discussions on abstract notions without unified definitions. This method is based on art development model which contains actualization, development and realization of person`s potential (Bondarevskaya, 2020).

Non-discriminative values in education are discussed using contemporary art in online gallery (Art for non-discriminative values in education, 2021). Images of paintings for this online gallery were provided by Ukrainian artist Vasilina Kolomiyko. This teaching method was successfully implemented in Central Institute of Post-Graduate Education, University of Educational Management in cooperation with NGO Center for Personal and Social Transformations in the process of qualifying educators of all levels from all over Ukraine in 2021 – 2022. Implementation of contemporary art with lots of metaphors by online tools enables to rise personal senses associated with non- discriminative values from subconscious.

Modern world suggests such plurality of meanings that visual metaphor can be used as the most effective instrument which enables to connect personal meanings with ambiguous, changing meanings of the modern world without losing identity and compromising values. Orientation on personal values in uncertain world requires awareness of these values and goals as orientation in behavior strategy choice and actions in each particular situation. We consider visual metaphor as inherent component of adult education due to activation of emotional and intellectual spheres in conditions of ambiguous and uncertain meanings (Bondarevskaya, 2020).