Art Coaching

Course (online and face-to-face)

“Choice of optimal solution: psychological algorithms”

(Bondarevskaya, 2022)

This course consists of the following workshops with additional techniques of art-development and theoretical materials. An adult person frequently makes decisions which are difficult to make only rationally in quickly changing world – experience of successful decisions in the past becomes irrelevant in changed conditions of the present. Subconscious of an adult person processes information very quickly but it is not easy to obtain access to results of this information processing. Making decisions only rationally can be misleading as it is easy not to take into consideration a factor which will become crucial. Every person will have his / her crucial factor depending on individual system of values and believes. It is worth mentioning that addressing subconscious in order to choose optimal solution does not exclude rational models of decision-making but is rather complimentary to them.

Workshops :

  • Butterfly of Resources (author I. Bondarevskaya)
  • Wish Hand (author I. Bondarevskaya)
  • Hands of Reciprocity (author I. Bondarevskaya) 
  • Lotus-Collage (author I. Bondarevskaya)
  • Metaphor of Staircase in work with actual goals (author O. Uhryn)
  • Map of Achievements (author M. Tkalych)
Module (online)

“Art for Non-Discriminative Values in Education: Professional Development”

(Bondarevskaya, 2022)

Certificate of completion – 9 hours / 0,3 ECTS

This module covers issues of interethnic economic trust in the context of non-discriminative values in education. Art-development techniques, online galleries of contemporary art and other interactive techniques are included in the module.


“Psychology of economic behavior with art-development techniques”

(Bondarevskaya, 2022)

Certificate of completion – 30 hours / 1 ECTS.   

As a result of training on the program of this special course specialists will acquire knowledge on peculiarities of trust in economic and interethnic relations; become aware of peculiarities of social capital functioning in different communities and role of citizenship activity in support of economic development. Particular attention is granted to awareness of non-discriminative values. Special course contains a complex of art-development techniques for actualization of person’s potential in adult education and techniques for choosing optimal solution.

Irina Bondarevskaya, PhD, Associate Professor in Social Psychology and Psychology of Management, Solution Focused Coach.

Founder and Head of the Board in NGO “Center for Personal and Social Transformations” (Kyiv, Ukraine). Senior Researcher in nccr – on the move project “Attitudes towards migration and democracy in times of intertwined crises” in Laboratory of Social Psychology, Institute of Psychology, University of Lausanne, coordinator of sub-project “Attitudes towards migration and society in Ukraine”.

Founder and coordinator of annual conference and seminar “Political and economic self-constitution” (2013 – 2024) as well as editor of the proceedings. Member of the Board of the 29th Research Committee on Political Psychology of International Political Science Association. She served as European Commission (2020, 2021) expert for projects evaluation. Laureate of program PAUSE at University of Paris Nanterre (May 2022 – August 2022).

Member of editorial boards of the journals: “Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology” (Italy, indexed in Scopus) – since 2015, “Bulletin of Postgraduate Education: Social and Behavioural Sciences” (Ukraine) – since 2018, “Art-Therapy Space” (Ukraine) – since 2020, “Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University: Pedagogy and Psychology” (Ukraine) – since 2022.

Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications, among them a monograph “Gender identity of female managers” (2011) and scientific articles in the fields of social psychology, economic psychology, organizational psychology, gender psychology, media psychology with special interest in social identity, citizenship identity, values, citizenship activity, citizenship education.

Art-development techniques through awareness of feelings, emotions, states help specialists to see changes from the point of view of opening perspective for development, show resourcefulness of permanent learning. In conditions of permanent renewal of skills in order to remain competitive, psychological readiness for constant learning in adult age, despite professional achievements gained by outdated skills, becomes indispensable condition for successful professional activity. Such readiness for constant learning can be also considered as prophylaxis of psychological traumatization in professional crises passing (Bondarevskaya, 2020).

Actualization, development and realization of person’s potential often occurs in the process of shifting from one professional sphere to another. Orientation on personal values in uncertain BANI-world requires awareness of these values and goals as orientation in behavior strategy and actions choice in each particular situation. We consider visual metaphor as inherent component of adult education due to activation of emotional and intellectual spheres in conditions of ambiguous and uncertain meanings (Bondarevskaya, 2020).

Most adult people do not use or minimize fine motor skills which are effective for stabilization of emotional state in any age. Quite often emotions effect decision-making. Awareness of emotions through drawing psychological algorithms, usage of coloured pencils, markers, colour highlighters, coloured plasticine and baking foil modeling engage fine motor skills of arms, promote expression of emotions in creativity, their transformations through creativity and consequently enable to look at the situation from new side, see situation in integrity, in the context, from the point of opening perspectives and opportunities (Bondarevskaya, 2022).